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Gardeners owe one workday per year per plot to help contribute to community chores.

Check your email for upcoming workdays and specific tasks to those workdays.
Sign up via email in advance for the workday (and task).
Sign in on paper at the workday to make sure you get credit for your hard work.
If you donít sign up in advance (via email) for a workday, you may be asked to come back on a different day depending on the tasks and the turnout.

Workdays are mostly on Saturday, starting promptly 9am and ending at noon. We try to have some Sunday afternoon or weekday evening workdays as well.

Please bring:
  • Water to drink (you can refill your water bottle from the taps)
  • Gloves to protect your hands from blisters (optional)
  • Bug spray / Sun screen / etc. to keep you comfortable

What counts as a workday?

One workday is:
  • One gardener representing a plot working during one workday
  • $32 no-workday option; $16 for a half plot. Late fees are assessed if received after the Dec. 1 deadline (late fee is $10 for large plot; $5 for small).

Note that if you ask for help for your own plot on a workday, you will owe an extra workday and the day we work on your plot will not count for the plot getting help.

What happens on a workday?

Group leaders organize and direct work.
Gardeners work together to improve the gardens through community projects such as:
  1. Rehabilitating plots that have been abandoned before reassignment to a new gardener.
    • Bring: gloves, water
    • Main tasks: weeding, removal of sticks and trash
  2. Wall building and path maintenance
    • Main Tasks: laying rocks on the downhill side of the pathway for plots on the hill
    • Bring: gloves, water
  3. Arbor Maintenance
    • Bring: shovel, gloves, water, hand tools
    • Main Tasks: weeding, planting
  4. Garden Jury
    • Bring: water, good walking shoes
    • Main Tasks: walking through the gardens with other gardeners to identify the 5 worst plots, posting signs to identify the plots
  5. Compost / weed pile consolidation
    • Bring: gloves, water
    • Main Tasks: rotating compost, adding water and leaves, using the tiller to shred weeds for the compost bins
  6. Tool Repair and Painting
    • Bring: gloves, water, old clotyhse for painting
    • Main Tasks: painting community tools, repairing community tools, assembling carts, general repair work