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The Gardens are trying to address two problems by having a small gardener “jury of peers” review all the plots periodically. The garden jury members should include someone familiar with crops and weeds as well as newer gardeners. Garden jury members are solicited from all gardeners. The two areas of concern are:

  1. Gardeners who leave the gardens and do not notify the registrar so that the plot can be reassigned to someone on the waiting list. These abandoned plots could be quickly turned over to a waiting gardener with fewer delays.
  2. Gardeners who become overwhelmed with weeds that are going to seed and distributing those problems to their neighbors.

The procedure is as follows:

The jury reviews all plots and notes those that are excessively weedy or appear abandoned. A list of the plots that most seem to be in this category (about 4-6 per jury for EH; 1 to 3 for UH) is given to the registrar with a specific list or map of problems (abandoned, thistles, weedy fence row, etc.).

The registrar checks that the plots numbers are correctly identified, posts a sign in the individual plots (in case email is not working) and notifies the gardeners by email.

The gardeners are given a two week time period to

  1. Clean up the plot on their own (after contacting the registrar).
  2. Ask the registrar for help in cleaning the plot (and will owe an extra workday or “no workday fee” for the help). This cleaning will be done by other gardeners on a workday with supervision from the plot gardener.
  3. If no contact with the registrar after two weeks, the plot is assumed abandoned and given to another gardener.

Our goal is not to kick people out of the gardens. We just want to help everyone have a successful season. It is only fair to get gardeners on the waiting list into abandoned plots as soon as we can. Many of the plots have a serious weed problem and it is beneficial to the whole community to get these plots under control. No one loses their plot if they contact the garden registrar and clean up the plot through one of the two methods.

Thanks to all the gardeners who volunteer for the juries.

Click to view Jury Directions.