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Ask for Help from your "Garden Buds"

Garden Buds is an informal network of people that want help keeping up with the watering and/or harvesting of their plot. If you would like to find someone to share watering duties with, even if it is just while you are on vacation, you can look for a buddy in the forum in the Garden Buds section.

Garden Buds is entirely informal, there is no one in charge of organizing it. You simply go to the forum and post a message that you are looking for a buddy. When you do this, you might wish to include your phone number or email address to allow potential buddies to easily reach you. However, if you post your email address, please be careful to post it in such a way that it is difficult for spammers and their automated scanning programs to identify it as an email address. Otherwise, these bots will easily find your email address, and you will begin to receive literally hundreds of spam emails every day. This can be avoided by posting your email carefully:


Instead, type it such that a human will understand, but a machine will not:
john -at- hotmail -dot- com

Or something similar. Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to simply not post your email address, but that is your decision.