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Basic gardening rules

Your garden plot may be forfeited if any of the following occur:
1. Your garden is excessively weedy
2. You do not fulfill your workday obligation
3.ou violate garden rules

Pathways and Boundaries

  • No tools or weeds in the pathways.
  • Do not extend your garden plot past the boundary markers. All plants in pathways will be mowed.
  • Corner markers delineate the boundaries of individual plots, and must be left in place. You may not move these markers. Contact the Garden Registrar if you are unsure of your plot boundary.
  • Each plot (including plots with fences) must maintain an unplanted 6" path around the boundaries of your plot and allow hose access to water faucets for nearby gardeners.


  • Perimeter fences around plots are discouraged. Fences harbor weeds and obstruct mowing. Any fences that are built must be easily movable and kept weed free. Existing fences will be removed from newly assigned plots.
  • Please ensure that any structures in your plot are safe and do not shade your neighbor's plots


  • Place all garbage in the garbage cans or dumpster at the garden entrance. No plants in garbage cans or dumpster.
  • No garbage in the weed piles.


  • Do not enter or pick vegetables from someone else’s garden, even if you think the plot is abandoned or neglected.
  • Do not borrow garden tools or hoses from another plot, unless the owner has given you permission.
  • Garden carts and community tools (tools with pink handle) should not be removed from the gardens. Return these items to the shed area as soon as you are finished using them. Do not keep community tools in your garden plot.
  • Tall plantings should not be placed where they will shade neighboring plots.

Driving and Parking

  • Private vehicles are not allowed in the garden area.
  • Parking is available in designated spots on Eagle Heights Dr. and at the south end of the basketball court at University Houses.
  • Vehicles with a state issued handicap parking permit should contact the garden registrar for parking exceptions.

Prohibited Plants and other Items

  • Do not plant comfrey, annual artemisia, or mint.
  • Do not plant trees in your garden plot.
  • Produce from these gardens cannot be sold.
Wood chips provided to the gardens by the Preserve may be used in garden plots. For reasons of possible plant disease and pest spread and potential chemical treatment, landscaping wood chips from outside the Preserve are not allowed. Gardeners should be aware that wood chips decay slowly and leaves may be a better mulch material for most uses.


  • All weeds should be composted within your plot or taken to the weed pile.
  • Weedy plots will be identified by a community jury. If your garden (including fences) is identified as weedy you will be notified via email and given two weeks to clear it of weeds. If your garden is identified twice during the same season, you will forfeit the plot to a person on the waiting list.

Organic Gardening

  • Eagle Heights: All fertilizers used must be made from manure or other plant or animal waste. Any pesticides used must be approved for organic production. The garden website gives information on how to maintain an organic garden. If in doubt about any material, e-mail the garden registrar.
  • University Houses: Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are allowed.

Refund Policy

Gardeners who choose to forfeit their plot must contact the garden registrar before June 1st to receive a refund of half the fee. After this date no refunds will be given.